Tactical Errors of these 5 IPL Teams That They Can’t Afford to Repeat

The high-profile auction of the Indian Premier League 2018 has come to and end and like every year the franchisees have come up with really talented bunch of teams. The squads of these eight brilliant franchisees are set of some great players from all over the world and predictions on who’s to win is already steamed up.

But like every year, few tactical errors made by even the strongest teams screw up their chances at winning the trophy whereas the right decisions made at the right moment has seen even the comparatively weaker teams to win the race.

Here are some tactical mistakes the critics have witnessed by these 5 IPL teams in the past that have costed them their victory and is a must-avoid scenario in the present –

  1. Chennai Super Kings (CSK) –

M.S. Dhoni has been over time proved to be the strongest pillar in the team, maintaining calm in the most pressurized situations and making unconventional decisions which has mostly worked in his favor. ‘Mostly’. Here are some mistakes Dhoni should avoid to increase the chances of CSK this season –

Stayed up in the batting order – losing the strongest players in the beginning and coming in the end can go either way. It’s a tactical error of him to leave the middle-order unguarded wait for the last moment to save the day.

  1. Mumbai Indians (MI) –

Mumbai Indians is one of the most powerful franchisees since the beginning of the IPL undoubtedly, but somehow, this team has managed to lose plenty of matches even after the combination of some of the strongest players. This is what their team has been lacking –

MI over the time have failed to balance and utilize the strength of their teams in the right order. An aggressive leadership and right coordination plus order amongst the batsman and bowlers can prove to be an accelerating factor in their win. Also, utilizing the strength of their young players at the right time can add to their strength.

  1. Delhi Daredevils (DD) –

Delhi Daredevils have seemed to come up with really strong team every year but even after bucket full of talent, their on-field performance has seemed to go off track every single time. This year, DD potentially have a very high chance at win if they avoid these tactical errors –

Unlike the last year, the team needs to stop persisting on the underperformers and let their strong assets come to forefront. Though the young players have emerging talent but letting their middle-order unguarded can prove to be a huge mistake in their game plan.

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) –

Kolkata Knight Riders have been considered underdogs for a very long time now. Even after their two wins they have not yet been considered as a lethal team in the IPL. With a very complicated team even this year, they need to re-strengthen their game plans and revise the tactical errors they have been making to avoid in future.

With a team of qualified bowlers, not opening with their best would be a mistake they would be repeating this year as well, given their lack of strong batsmen in the team. Choosing young middle-order players can affect their game adversely, given many of their players for backup are dealing with injuries.

  1. Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) –

The team with arguably the highest potential of bringing the trophy home this year. With good bunch of team, especially with the lot of qualified domestic talent, SRH are expecting to outperform this year and at the same time avoid the mistakes they have made in the past –

Being entirely dependent on David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan might not get them too far. Lack of good opener and  can cause them some bad repercussion if they don’t look into it.