ProSportsLeague – the ultimate virtual gaming experience

India is a land where cricket and movies run in the blood of every citizen. World-Cup finale is no small reason to take leave early from the office and watch the match with your entire concentration. T20 tournament is interesting enough for every student to wake up late in the night to even catch the highlights. ODIs and test matches are the strongest reasons to organize some get together with your friends and spend the time with either hot cups of tea or chilled beers.

A country so obsessed and passionate about this sport should get more than it can imagine. And that’s where the concept of Pro-Sports League come in. The ultimate fantasy cricket application to give the best experience of virtual gaming.

When you hear the word fantasy cricket, innumerous questions bombard in your head. What does it mean? How does it work? Is it safe? Is it legal? And we are here to answer all your questions.

Bidding in real life is illegal. But think of a healthy platform where you can wisely predict the game and the performances of your chosen players and score points on them. You can win those scores depending upon how these players perform in real life.

Fantasy cricket comes under the genre of Fantasy Sports. The concept highly famous in the United States is now taking over the masses of India as well. As a newbie, you first have to create your account on the, the official website of the company. Once your login, you need to join a tournament. There are different types of fantasy tournament like ICC Fantasy League, IPL Fantasy League, etc.

After you have successfully logged in and joined some tournament, you will have to select your team of 11 players. Your team should consist of 1 wicket-keepers, 4-6 batsmen, 3-5 bowlers and 1-3 all-rounders.

You can keep a track of your score and how your team is performing live vs your predictions through the score board. In case you are unhappy with any player, you can even substitute them using the remaining score.

Keep a track of your performance on the leaderboard and simultaneously maintain your scores. Once you are done with it, you are good to go!

The game begins almost ten hours before the live match and the credits on each player keep fluctuating depending upon the performances by the Cricsta model.

The Pre-Sports League give you the ultimate experience of virtual gaming where you can express your passion and love for cricket in skillful manner. Any apprehensions regarding the application should be discarded as the application allows a very safe and smart platform to all its users.